The Book

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  • Chapter 1: The Journey We Will Take
  • Chapter 2: We know what life is - a special case of chemistry
  • Chapter 3: The only way to win is not to play - the problem with cooperation between organisms
  • Chapter 4: The facts of life – reproduction and kin-selected behavior in humans
  • Chapter 5: Death from a distance – the evolutionary logic of kinship-independent social cooperation
  • Chapter 6: It takes a village to raise a human child
  • Chapter 7: Throwing strikes on the village commons – the planet’s first remote killer and first kinship-independent social cooperator
  • Chapter 8: Promiscuity and monogamy – sex and family life in the uniquely human village
  • Chapter 9: Voices from the past: The evolution of 'language'
  • Chapter 10: Wisdom of Crowds – Implications of uniquely human information sharing
  • Chapter 11: The human mastery of Earth begins – The behaviorally modern human revolution and the first information economy
  • Chapter 12: Neolithic and “agricultural” revolutions – Humans “settle down”
  • Chapter 13: Elite body armor: Hierarchical coercive power and the archaic state
  • Chapter 14: Modernity emerges from the barrel of a gun, Part 1 – artillery stabilizes the hierarchical state
  • Chapter 15: Modernity emerges from the barrel of a gun, Part 2 – handguns democratize the modern state
  • Chapter 16: The pan-human population takes full ownership of planet Earth – aircraft, nuclear explosives and the emergence of the pan-global human village
  • Chapter 17: Final considerations -A humane future from our evolutionary past