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For Students

Earn either undergraduate or graduate level credit by taking a course instructed by the authors, Paul M. Bingham and Joanne Souza. We explore in detail the new theory of human uniqueness described in Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe. We re-examine all the vast repertoire of knowledge from the evolutionary and social sciences from an exciting new perspective. See how the natural and social sciences can be united for the first time - while we learn to think critically together and explore the art of scientific investigation.

ONLINE Graduate Credit (CEB 553)

Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters - Available World-Wide
  • - Approved content component of the Stony Brook University Biology MAT program.
  • - The Biology of Being Human (CEB553), 3-credit course, now available world-wide online. Course content given via broadcast quality video lectures.
  • - Can be taken by teachers for Master's and advancement credit with your institution's approval.
  • - See here for information and registration for the online graduate course (CEB 553).

Undergraduate Credit (BIO 358)

ON-LINE Course - Summer Semester
  • - All students (you do not have to be a Stony Brook University Student). See here under On-line Extended Session listing for information and to register for the summer extended session online course (BIO 358).
  • - Take advantage of the opportunity to take a Stony Brook University Upper Division Biology course during the summer term at state university pricing. Check with your institution and major for transfer approval.

LIVE LECTURE Spring Semester
  • - Stony Brook University Students only See SOLAR for information for class listings for the live lecture course (BIO 358).

Student Testimonials

student "BIO 358 is a course purported to give students an explanation for what it is to be human - the level of insight necessary to view our physical world beyond its mechanical means. The extensive amount of resources provided, level of teaching both in the classroom and beyond, and philosophy used in approaching such a provocative subject is unparalleled relative to most any other college courses and attests to both Instructor Souza and Prof. Bingham's dedication to the knowledge enterprise. The content does a wonderful job of adding profound insight to the mundane aspects of our world - meaning to the facets of our biology that at first seem overwhelmingly complex. The fact that the content integrates a variety of disciplines makes it a transferable subject to people of all backgrounds and educational platforms, and most notably makes it a course that students owe it to themselves to take." - Michael Dahan

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For Faculty

For faculty wishing to teach the content in Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe, please contact the authors.